X3 Tradesmen is an employment staffing agency for Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC workers. We provide the highest quality talent to the best commercial construction contractors on a temporary, contract, or full-time basis.

  • Safety is our #1 priority

  • Skill tested tradesmen

  • Full-time or part-time

  • Super tuned recruiting team

  • Xceptional benefits



X3 will revolutionize the way contractors and tradespeople work together and shift what it means to manage a clients workforce. Through our full-time employment model and unique client solutions, X3 is the future of construction employment.


X3 strategically works in only 3 trades within the construction industry. Narrowing our work to electricians, plumbers, and HVAC installers allows our team to be laser focused on providing our clients and talent with the best service possible.


We are all AMP’d up to get you placed, where you want to be.


We give you the power of choice to achieve success.


X3 gives you the power to choose, learn, and grow.


A POWERFUL partnership involves understanding all aspects of your business or personal goals. The X3 team is comprised of industry talent that has been recruiting and placing experienced tradesmen for over 20 years. Each team member has a specific background in fields such as human resources (HR), business management, employee/leadership training, marketing, graphic design, website design, insurance, sales coaching, and more. Part of our Xtension Services is to make these benefits available to you, so that you can keep your eye on achieving your business and personal goals.

Darren Bolingbroke
Darren BolingbrokePresident/CEO
Heidi McNulty
Heidi McNultyVice President
Shane Collard
Shane CollardVice President
Becca Leeper
Becca LeeperChief Financial Officer
Joe Simmons
Joe SimmonsTerritory Manager, Utah
James Hubbard
James HubbardTerritory Manager, Utah
Chris Hubbard
Chris HubbardSales Director
Kim Boun
Kim BounRecruiter, Utah
Sam Alvarado
Sam AlvaradoRecruiter, Utah
Jenny Mickelsen
Jenny MickelsenSupport Services Lead
Sara Mesker
Sara MeskerAdministrative Assistant
Christine Long
Christine LongAdministrative Assistant
Garrett Taylor
Garrett TaylorMarket Director, Colorado
Schaeffer Warnock
Schaeffer WarnockDirector of Marketing
Parker Collard
Parker CollardMarketing Assistant
Keelie Wood
Keelie WoodStaff Accountant
Andrew Larson
Andrew LarsonRecruiter, Colorado
Nick Lambert
Nick LambertRecruiter, Colorado
Theron Guerra
Theron GuerraTerritory Manager, Colorado
Tiffany Webster
Tiffany WebsterSupport Services
Ruby Colorado
Ruby ColoradoRecruiter, Arizona
Brittany Myers
Brittany MyersTerritory Manager, Colorado
Dan Ellis
Dan EllisMarket Director, Arizona
Andrew Poulsen
Andrew PoulsenTerritory Manager, Arizona
Kenny Vernal
Kenny VernalSupport Services
Rosie Smith
Rosie SmithController
Maria Perez
Maria PerezSupport Services
Whitney Snowball
Whitney SnowballSupport Services
Mike Kroeger
Mike KroegerTerritory Manager, Arizona
Jarod Hill
Jarod HillMarket Director, Texas